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Reservoir Characterization

It is the integration of geophysical, petrophysical, geological and engineering information to generate a geological model of the reservoir in order to calculate book and create a plan for optimal field development.
To achieve the objectives, activities using highly specialized programs for each study area will be developed.
In the process of reservoir characterization services as contemplated:

  • Generation database project
  • Rock-Record modeling.
  • Geological modeling.
  • numerical reservoir simulation.
  • Análisis Nodal.
  • Analysis of pressures and Production.
  • Reservations assessment

Creating an information system where data from geophysical, geological and engineering are integrated, using specialized exploration and production systems.

Development of algorithms for calculation of rock properties, integrating information from laboratory analysis (thin films, diffraction ray -x, SEM) and electrical logs.

Development of static and dynamic model of the system, from the geological seismic data (2D / 3D) and the area, integrating rock-registration model and making adjustments historical production.

Simulation grid generation and saturation model, definition of parameters for model initialization, calculation of OOIP product simulation, history matching, water saturation map to date, predictions, base case, new wells.
This is done using petrophysical information, information production test, pressure test data, production history and geological information interpreted.

Optimization of the production system, from sensitivity analysis of the most important system variables, quantifying their impact on production, identifying opportunities for improvement and Inflow Outflow variables and selecting the best technical and economical choice.

El objetivo es determinar las características de permeabilidad, daño de formación, presión actual del yacimiento y determinación de límites, para esto se preparan los datos en un software de interpretación especializado. Los datos de tiempo-presión adquiridos durante la prueba, y los datos suministrados por el cliente, tales como, prueba de producción e información de yacimientos, estado mecánico del pozo, entre otros, son tomados en cuenta para llevar a cabo la interpretación del comportamiento de la presión mediante el análisis de gráficas especializadas, tales como: logarítmica (log-log plot – gráfico diagnóstico y derivada), semilogarítmica (radial flow plot), cartesiana, etc. La obtención de resultados involucra el análisis de todos los gráficos en conjunto, utilizando la técnica de regresión numérica, hasta alcanzar un ajuste adecuado del comportamiento de la presión (y la derivada de la misma), de acuerdo al modelo establecido para el análisis.

The reserve estimate is calculated by different methods and based on specialized software either from numerical simulation volumetric calculations, decline curve or from material balance, this classical method has certain variations, which are corrections for analysis much more real reservoir behavior and involve a behavioral tendency not so linear. (for compressibility factor for abnormal pressure.

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