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Monitoreo Microsismico – ESG PETROLEUM

CONSULTANCY Petroleum Engineering (AIP) and the Canadian company Seismology ENGINEERING GROUP (ESG) have joined forces in a strategic alliance to deliver services Reservoir Monitoring and Monitoring Hydraulic Fracturing through microseismic technology.
ESG, has over 25 years experience in the science of passive seismic and has monitored around 2500 fracture stimulations and installed throughout the world about 300 permanent microseismic systems. The advantages and benefits of microseismic are:

  • To interpret microseismic events associated with stimulation hydraulic fracturing, fractures providing properties such as 3D height, width, length and azimuth.
  • You can use it to identify effective volume of fractures and identifying areas of fractures which may contribute to increased production.
  • Ease of reports of fracture treatment in real time. Preliminary analysis and calculation of microseismic events are developed in situ and reported to the customer providing information that can be used to change the stimulation program.
  • Using analytical techniques to deepen and assure the operator with a complete set of data for understanding the efforts of the field and fracture mechanism.


Design, manufacture, installation and systems support real-time monitoring.

Microseismic events are detected and measured using an integrated monitoring of deposits called, ResMapTM system. This system delivers real-time response of rock or extraction processes (steam, water, CO2) injection and provides a continuous picture of the processes occurring in the reservoir.


  • Reservoir Characterization: Reservoir Modeling and Mapping failures.
  • Optimization of thermal recovery: motion display steam and identification of areas bypasseadas.
  • Optimization EOR (Enhance Oil Recovery): increases the effectiveness of the injection (water / gas), model reservoir response to treatment.
  • Environmental Risk Reduction: monitoring seal integrity
  • Verification of injection: ensure that the injection is being performed in the target areas.

Service fracture analysis can be used to visualize, interpret and optimize well stimulation programs. Microseismic events can be mapped in real time to visualize the orientation and geometry of hydraulic fractures.


  • Map of drainage patterns.
  • Grasp the complexity of the fracture.
  • Confirm the modeled predictions with actual images of the results.
  • Identification of areas of asymmetry and interaction with flaws.
  • Design future strategies and next steps injection.
  • Optimization of planning the location of wells.
  • Determining movement of proppant material possible losses to adjacent formations.
  • Judge the effectiveness of the pressure, the proppant materials and other parameters.
  • Reservoir Monitoring
  • Fund team
  • geophones
  • Surface equipment
  • Surface box (wellhead)
  • Paladin 24-bit Data

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